Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Writing Contest!

Hello, friends.

Here is a writing contest, but note that it does have a deadline of July 21, 2007.

InkSpotter's 4th Annual - Finding the Right Words - Flash Fiction Contest.

Theme: "Give Me Shelter" - However, all stories must have a title. Do not use Give Me Shelter as your title, please.

1st prize: $60 + publication
2nd prize: $30 + publication

Genre: Fiction
Length: 500 words or fewer
Entry Fee: $1.50 (Canadian funds). Funds must be negotiable in Canada. Contact Betty Dobson if you have a question. Her e-mail is below.

You may pay through Paypal and submit your entry via e-mail (in the e-mail body) - with subject line reading Annual Contest Submission - to contests@inkspotter.com

If you'd rather snail-mail your entry, send it to the address below:

Betty Dobson
InkSpotter Publishing
163 Main Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3M 1B3

* Don't indent paragraphs, just skip lines between them.
* Be sure to include your full name and e-mail address.
* You retain copyright of your story

To read past entries, visit inkspotter.com/publications/newsletters/inkspotternews/archive.htm
Then, download volulme 4.08 or 3.10. These are 2006 and 2005 winners.

~~Now, to figure out what funds to send~~ ;o)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

What IS a win?

I have questions about contest wins.

What really constitutes mentioning? Is 3rd honorable mention truly a win?

That is the place I took at a recent contest. I don't consider that a placement at all. I'm not eletist or anything. I just don't think the equivalent of 6th place is a winner. After all, there were only about 20 entries at most.

There should be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. That's all. Unless the contest has one hundred entrants, why bother with further placements?

This is a pet peve of mine. May not bother you. If not, disregard. If it bothers you, too, let's boycott honorable mentions! I rarely claim them (unless the source of the contest is a biggie).

Have a great day - pet peeves and all!